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In News & Analysis on October 17, 2011 at 11:26 am

Big Banks Refuse to Let People Close Accounts 

Washington’s Blog | The big banks are trying to preempt the efforts of their customers to move their money to smaller banks.

 Marine Sergeant Stands Up to NYPD to Protect Wall Street Protesters

Washington’s Blog | Last night at Occupy Wall Street in Times Square, Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas boldly defended the occupiers.

Could Obama’s Class Warfare Cause a Run on the Banks? 

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | White House supports ‘Occupy’ movement as part of campaign stunt.

Reassessing the Greenback and Other Alternative Monetary Systems

Anthony Migchels

The Occupations: Anarchy Waiting for Crisis

What I saw at the copycat Wall Street “occupation” in downtown Atlanta.


‘RT was the only media outlet covering OWS protests’

US “corporate media” are trying to drive a wedge” between the American
people by portraying the Occupy Wall Street protests as a left-wing
movement, says Wide Awake News founder Charlie McGrath.


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