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In News & Analysis on October 17, 2011 at 11:26 am

Big Banks Refuse to Let People Close Accounts 

Washington’s Blog | The big banks are trying to preempt the efforts of their customers to move their money to smaller banks.

 Marine Sergeant Stands Up to NYPD to Protect Wall Street Protesters

Washington’s Blog | Last night at Occupy Wall Street in Times Square, Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas boldly defended the occupiers.

Could Obama’s Class Warfare Cause a Run on the Banks? 

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | White House supports ‘Occupy’ movement as part of campaign stunt.

Reassessing the Greenback and Other Alternative Monetary Systems

Anthony Migchels

The Occupations: Anarchy Waiting for Crisis

What I saw at the copycat Wall Street “occupation” in downtown Atlanta.


‘RT was the only media outlet covering OWS protests’

US “corporate media” are trying to drive a wedge” between the American
people by portraying the Occupy Wall Street protests as a left-wing
movement, says Wide Awake News founder Charlie McGrath.


Occupy The PRIVATE Federal Reserve !!

In News & Analysis on October 6, 2011 at 7:52 pm

The Revolution Against the Federal Reserve Starts Now

Infowars Press Release | Public sentiment has shifted– against the trends of Washington and Wall Street– and now, against the private Federal Reserve bank. A new American revolution is upon us.

Dennis Kucinich Tells Occupy Wall Street to Nationalize the Federal Reserve

Dennis Kucinich
You Tube
October 6, 2011

Washington D.C. (October 4, 2011) — Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following video and statement in support of the protestors on Wall Street and around the country who have identified themselves with the hashtag #OccupyWallStreet:


OWS Needs to Target Real Enemies Or Face Irrelevancy

Kurt Nimmo | Real enemies are the Bilderbergers, CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the Federal Reserve — not lowly Wall Street stock brokers.

Wall Street Puppet Obama Sympathizes With Anti-Wall Street Protests

Steve Watson & Paul Joseph Watson | Claims Government has not gone after banksters because “a lot of practices going on weren’t against the law.”

Don’t Let Obama Campaign Fronts Infiltrate OWS – Occupy The Fed

Paul Joseph Watson | Join Alex Jones to strike a crushing blow against the true financial oligarchy.

Ode To The Oligarchs: Financial Protest Images | Some of the more interesting sounds and sights from the ongoing protests, set to a pertinent track by Infowars writer Steve Watson’s band Long Dead Kings.

Here come the New Climate Crazies – hoping to geoengineer our planet

Patrick Henningsen | Radical scientists hope to use Gore’s holy jihad against the planet- and make large amounts of money in the process

Occupy Wallstreet Coverage

In News & Analysis on October 3, 2011 at 9:59 am

Occupy Wall Street Spreading Like Wildfire

Libertarian Wall Street Protesters Demand End to the Fed

Ron Paul: Federal Reserve is why Americans are protesting on Wall St.

A Message To On Attempted Co Opt Of Occupy Protests

Over 5,000 Turn Out in Portland For Occupy Portland Protest

Deepak Chopra at OWS: We are the Ones Responsible for “Obamafia” (Video)

Dylan Ratigan: Tea Partiers Show Solidarity at Occupy Wall Street (Video)


The Occupy Wall Street Movement – The Biggest NEWS Story In The World – All The Latest NEWS For  Occupy Wall Street – (TCP)

It started with 12 students in Wall Street… now demonstrations spread across America as Boston, Chicago, L.A., Denver and Seattle erupt

Democrats and Establishment Unions Plan to Hijack OWS This Week

Wall Street Has Hijacked The Republic: On The Road with Alex Jones

A Marine Discusses the Wall Street Protest and NYPD

Researchers Hack Voting Machine

Demand a Paper Trail. Because they are about to steal the election from Ron Paul!

Iowa Insiders: Ron Paul is Only One with Ground Game

Texas Congressman Ron Paul seems to have the best organization. While others have their motors running, they’ve mostly been spinning their wheels. Ron Paul Revolution’s Got Game Image source Todd Richissin and B.A. Morelli Urbandale Patch In Iowa, professional campaign watchers and a snapshot-a

Infowars Fluoride Special Exposes Poison in the Water (Video)

Could this explain why only 30% of registered voters even vote?

5 Facts That Prove Radical Islam Is A Child of American-British-Israeli Intelligence

Saman Mohammadi | The historical record shows America and Israel have funded, armed, and used radical Islamist groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Double Dippers Strain State Budgets

The Database: Why Criminal Governments Spy On Citizens

Secret panel can put Americans on kill list


In News & Analysis on October 3, 2011 at 8:53 am

Robber Barons the Great American Capitalists-1861-1901-1934 [PDF]

Wallstreet and the rise of Hitler [PDF]

Wallstreet & the Bolshevik Revolution [Sutton] [PDF]

MUST SEE: Irish Protesters Rage Against The Banks – Beautiful Black & White Photo Essay

See the rest of the photos – 25 pics – all black & white… Slideshow – Irish Protesters Rage Against the Banks Brilliant photo credits go to Shay Murphy…—

VIDEO – MASSIVE Crowd At Foley Square – Protests At #OccupyWallStreet Are Growing

Runs 30 seconds.  Check this out – This is what revolution looks like. Short clip from last night demonstrating that Wall Street protests are gaining momentum. Fox News Launches An All Out…

Ron Paul With Dylan Ratigan: “Boomshakalakah! 100k Signers In One Week As The Anti-Money Wave Surges”

Occupy Wall Street: Mass Economic Riots Are Now Here And America Will Never Be The Same

The American Dream | Is Occupy Wall Street going to represent a major turning point in U.S. history?

Flu Shots Contain More than 250 Times the EPA’s Safety Limit for Mercury

Facebook sued over claims it tracks users activity

3 Anti-Authoritarian TV Shows that Grapple with America’s Security State

Banking crisis set to trigger new credit crunch

Breathing Life Into Phony Wall Street Meme

Recent US nuke headlines: Problems at nuke plants in Vermont, Michigan, South Carolina, Virginia… MORE