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Bilderberg 2011 Aftermath

In News & Analysis on June 13, 2011 at 7:37 am

Cake and candles for David Rockefeller

At the Bilderberg Meeting 2011 in St. Moritz, Switzerland, some 250-300 protesters decided to surprise globalist David Rockefeller with a little birthday serenade at the gates of the highly secured conference hotel.

Awareness of Bilderberg Cabal Explodes in 2011

The amount of publicity garnered by the secretive Bilderberg conference this year in St. Moritz, Switzerland, far surpassed the coverage afforded to past gatherings of the elite cabal, with major media outlets and international news wires finally reporting on the yearly event after refusing to do so for over five decades. Protests, the alternative media, and anti-Bilderberg politicians played an important role in spreading the news.

‘Hidden agenda in Syria to show itself after Bilderberg meeting’

Tensions are peaking in Syria, government troops have stormed the rebel northern border town of Jisr Al-Shugour with tanks and military helicopters.

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway attracts criticism for Bilderberg attendance

Following his controversial attendance at the annual opening of International Caspian oil and Gas Exhibition in Baku earlier this week, The Crown Prince has been censured this time for attending the elite Bilderberg meeting at St. Moritz’s Suvretta House hotel.

Jim Tucker: Bilderberg Wraps Up Earlier Than Ever Before

Bilderberg Sleuth Jim Tucker gives his closing comments on the 2011 Bilderberg meeting.

AP Reports On Bilderberg Meeting After It Ends

The Associated Press has cobbled together a brief report on the Bilderberg meeting in St. Moritz Switzerland.

Bilderberg 2011: Master Page

The full extent of our live video feeds, archived video, interviews, reports, photographs and analysis of Bilderberg 2011, all in one place.

Bilderberg 2011 Ends, Police Take Down Security Barriers

Paul Joseph Watson and Aaron Dykes enquire if there are any rooms available in the Suvretta House hotel now the elite have vacated the area.

Mark Anderson on Bilderberg 2011: David Rockefeller Confrontation

The crew speak with journalist Mark Anderson of American Free Press following the end of Bilderberg 2011.

Activists Obtain Official European Arrest Warrant For Henry Kissinger

Swiss activists outside the Bilderberg 2011 meeting have obtained copies of a court order issued by a Spanish judge calling for the arrest of Henry Kissinger for war crimes relating to actions in Chile in the 1970s.











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