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In News & Analysis on June 9, 2011 at 11:18 am

Bomb Scare Shuts Down Road to Bilderberg Meeting

Kurt Nimmo | Closed road will lock the village down for two hours, possibly longer.

Video: Richard Perle, Bill Gates, Other Delegates Spotted At Bilderberg | Arch neocon and long time Bilderberg attendee Richard Perle has been spotted arriving at the confab.

Bilderbergers Build Wall to Hide Attendees

Kurt Nimmo | Conniving elitists try to hide behind linen wall stretched around resort.

High Quality Bilderberg 2011 Video & Photos, St. Moritz

Infowars | High quality photos from Bilderberg 2011 at the Suvretta Hotel in San Moritz taken by Aaron Dykes and the Infowars team.

Swiss Media: Large Protest Of Young Socialists Planned At Bilderberg On Saturday

The Swiss media is reporting that a large group of protesters from the Swiss Young Socialists party is headed to Bilderberg on Saturday. Infowars is not affiliated with this group and we are largely unaware of their intentions.

Police block roads into Bilderberg citing BOMB THREAT, Conference Postponed

Aaron Dykes shows pictures of a road block erected on the road to the Suvretta House hotel. Police have told us this has been initiated due to a bomb threat.

VIDEO Report: Bilderberg shuts down cable car network over hotel

A Polish man who lives in Switzerland tells the Infowars crew that Bilderberg has had the cable cars in the local area closed down for the duration of the secret meeting.

VIDEO Report: Richard Perle, Bill Gates, Other Delegates Spotted At Bilderberg

Infowars reporter Aaron Dykes updates us with information that arch neocon and long time Bilderberg attendee Richard Perle has been spotted arriving at the confab, along with other delegates.

VIDEO: Bilderberg Security Erecting Wall To Keep Out Journalists, Protesters

As delegates begin to arrive at the secretive elite Bilderberg meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland the security presence has greatly increased.

Europe Marches on Bilderberg Tyrants

On Saturday, June 11, activists from across Europe will converge on St. Moritz, Switzerland, and take an urgent message to the globalists now meeting behind closed doors to plot our collective futures.

Bilderberg 2011: Master Page

The full extent of our live video feeds, archived video, interviews, reports, photographs and analysis of Bilderberg 2011, all in one place.

Plutocratic Puppeteers Meet In Switzerland For Annual Bilderberg Conference

It is that time of the year again, when the Bilderberg group meet to commit treason against humanity, democracy, and freedom.

Elite Bilderberg 2011 Meeting Draws Scrutiny

A secretive cabal of some of the world’s most influential people known as the Bilderberg group will be meeting from June 9 to the 12th in St. Moritz, Switzerland — but this year, more attention than usual is being afforded to the gathering in the world press.

BBC’s Disinfo Piece: “Bilderberg mystery: Why do people believe in cabals?”

Due to the exposure brought by alternative media, the Bilderberg group stopped enjoying the media blackout it once had.

The Alex Jones Show: Secret Bilderberg Agenda Leaked by Mole

Aaron Dykes & Paul Watson’s second call in stint to the show yesterday to discuss the beginning of the Bilderberg conference in Switzerland.

2011 Bilderberg Coverage Day 1 with Paul Joseph Watson & Aaron Dykes

All of Wednesday’s video reports from Bilderberg 2011 together in one place.

VIDEO: Bilderberg Security Crackdown Initiated

Our reporters on the scene captured video of the security crackdown being implemented at the Suvretta House hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, ahead of the Bilderberg Group meeting, beginning Thursday.



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