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In News & Analysis on May 27, 2011 at 6:14 pm

FBI Steps Up Harassment of Political Activists

The FBI has served as a political police force since its creation as the Justice Department’s Bureau of Investigation in 1908. It’s mission is to squelch political dissent frowned upon by the elite.

Obama’s Promise to Veto ‘Worldwide War’ Bill Rings Hollow

Given the fact that the Obama administration is now involved in more conflicts and has more troops deployed than at any time during the Bush administration, how confident should we be that a government promise to veto the alarming worldwide war provision contained in the National Defense Authorization Act will be kept?

Utah To Follow Texas Lead In TSA Grope-down Revolt

Utah looks likely to be the next state to follow the example set by Texas in attempting to make TSA grope downs a felony.

Obama Signs PATRIOT Act Extension

On Thursday, Congress passed a four year extension of the PATRIOT Act. Lawmakers rejected all attempts to moderate aspects of the legislation that weaken the Fourth Amendment.

Alex Jones talks Texas secession

Talk of Texas seceding from the US has always existed, and radio host Alex Jones, speaking from Austin, says the sentiment is very strong as of late. The Lonestar State can pull out from the Union whenever it likes, he says, and he argues that the oil-rich state would be much better off if it broke off from the USA.

Graphic Video Of Police Brutality On Protesters In Spain

Police in Barcelona have attacked protesters that have been camped out since May 15 in the city’s Plaza Catalunya.

Celente predicts gold standard won’t save US economy 

Sometimes controversial trends analyzer Gerald Celente is forecasting that a return to the gold standard will not be enough to save the US economy from collapsing.

Ron Paul House Floor Speech: Republic Almost Completely Dead

The Defense Authorization Act or H.R. 1540, aka The Forever War Act of 2012, was overwhelmingly approved by the House of Representatives earlier today on a vote of 322 to 96.

Senator Rand Paul slams GOP for blocking efforts to amend PATRIOT Act

Freshman Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) lashed out at the leadership of his own party, blaming them for preventing debate on the extension of the PATRIOT Act, which the Senate passed Thursday.

Destroying Freedom, Truth And Justice With The Power of Words

We should all reflect on the words we say, write, and think because words are powerful. Words are a bigger threat to freedom, justice, and truth than bullets because authoritarian governments can use words to enslave millions of minds and turn people into obedient machines without a will and without any understanding of their actions beyond the lies that their leaders tell them.

Are Our Leaders Really Incompetent … Or Just Pretending?

People want to assume that when someone in power messes up – especially someone who appears incompetent – it was just a mistake.

Top 10 things the TSA could do if its power is not sensibly limited

Let’s ask the commonsense question: If the TSA can run security checkpoints at not only airports but also local high schools, and if the TSA can reach down your pants and feel your genitals in complete violation of your Fourth Amendment rights, and if the TSA says it has the complete authority under the U.S. Constitution to do whatever it wants, then what are the limits on the TSA’s power?

Government Cannot Be Trusted To Police Itself

So many of the words and warnings delivered by America’s Founding Fathers are appropriate for today.

Castrated US Corporate Media Attacks Russia Today for Daring to Report Real News

The New York Times, NPR and broadcasters across the country are attacking RT for embracing a not-so-mainstream approach to broadcasting the news. Lauren Lyster fires back at allegations about the legitimacy of RT and their guests.

The Shocking DRINK And Incredible History Of COKE Subliminal Advertising 

Looking for a new way to publicize your product? Have you considered implanting suggestions in your current advertising that link your product to sex and power?

Video: DC Liberals Sign Petition to Ban Conservative Websites

After hearing news the other day that the Obama administration had appointed a new position to monitor and push back against negative online press we thought some liberals in DC might think it wasn’t enough.

Red Cross and the Vatican ‘helped thousands of Nazis escape’

A new book has revealed how the Red Cross and the Vatican helped thousands of Nazis including men like Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele to escape justice after the war.

GERALD CELENTE: The Spanish Are Picking Up Where The Egyptians Left Off, And By Winter The Revolution Will Be Global

Celente says riots from Iran to Spain are the beginning of another world war, precipitated by food prices, unemployment and inequality. Last year he claimed that 2011 would bring “Off With Their Heads 2.0″ and the prediction is going well so far.

U.S. regulator saw serious Fukushima fuel damage soon after disaster

A senior official of the U.S. nuclear regulatory agency said Thursday he had believed there was a “strong likelihood” of serious core damage and core melt in reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant in the days after the March disaster in Japan.

Super Typhoon Songda Projected To Pass Over Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

So far the only good news to accompany the Fukushima catastrophe has been that for all the fallout, the radiation has been mostly contained due to Northwesterly winds which have been blowing any radioactivity mostly out and into the Pacific.


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