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In News & Analysis on May 9, 2011 at 8:42 am

Dr. Steve Pieczenik Tells The U.S. Shadow State: “Cease And Desist” Acts of State Terrorism And Acts of Deception

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is not your average Joe. Trained as a psychiatrist at Harvard University, Dr. Pieczenik is an expert in psychological warfare, regime change, counter-terrorism, and other national security related fields.

The Game of Treason: 9/11, State Terrorism, And The Betrayal of The People

By their example the neocons have taught mankind a lesson that we seem to forget every generation or so, which is that when good men are not vigilant and active in politics then evil men prosper and take over the state.

A List Of Lists We Should Expect After Bin Laden Hoax

One of the more disturbing developments to come from the cache of intelligence material seized from Osama bin Laden’s compound were some “ramblings,” that were “nothing new” about an “aspirational” plan to maybe attack trains that travel 500 MPH, a speed no train on earth can achieve.

Americans Are Living In 1984

The White House’s “death of bin Laden” story has come apart at the seams. Will it make any difference that before 48 hours had passed the story had changed so much that it no longer bore any resemblance to President Obama’s Sunday evening broadcast and has lost all credibility?

U.S. Government Used COMMUNIST Torture Techniques Specifically Designed to Produce FALSE Confessions 

Indeed, it worked … producing false confessions, and delaying by years our ability to obtain actionable intelligence.

AP Files FOIA Request For Bin Laden Evidence

President Obama’s decision to withhold the visual evidence of Osama bin Laden’s death has created a fundamental disagreement between the White House and one of the largest journalism organizations in the world.

Citizen Journalist Arrested for Video Taping Cop

Some questions are being raised in Wahpeton about illegal searches and seizures. A 17-year old aspiring journalist was video taped being arrested for what he claims no reason, or probable cause then posted the video online.

Psychopharmaceutical industry seeks world of dispassionate sheeple (sheep-people)

People who obediently follow the herd, never markedly sad, angry or excited; children who play quietly and never annoy or talk out of turn – this is the object of the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industries. And when anyone steps out of line, the answer is simple: stamp them “abnormal” and give them a pill.

Pakistan Prime Minister to warn US over Osama bin Laden raid

Pakistan’s prime minister will on Monday warn the United States it will defend its air space if American forces mount another raid on terrorists suspected of hiding inside the country.

Obama: “We Could Not Say Definitively That Bin Laden Was There”

During his 60 Minutes interview with CBS News last night, Barack Obama admitted that US intelligence was only 55/45 confident that Bin Laden was even in the compound raided last Sunday night, fearing that the occupant could actually have been a “prince from Dubai,” a skepticism shared by residents of Abbottabad, one of whom told the BBC that the man seen watching television in the tapes released by the White House Saturday was in fact his neighbor, not Bin Laden.

Pakistanis rally against US operations

Angry Pakistanis stage a massive anti-US protest rally in the capital Islamabad to condemn a US military operation in Pakistan purportedly intended to kill al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

The Osama Deception

James Corbett breaks down the Osama raid hoax and the “home video” footage.

War Criminals Try to Evade Prosecution By Pretending Torture Was Vital to Getting Bin Laden … When It Actually Delayed the Hunt for YEARS

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and John Yoo were all instrumental in implementing the U.S. torture program.

Alleged New bin Laden Videos Fraught with Problems

In the fall of 2001 a video appeared of Osama bin Laden that depicted a man who appeared unable to move his left upper extremity.

David Icke – “Quick Honey,come and look at this”…

….”there`s so much injustice,violence and cruelty going on in the world and this guys trying to tell us something.”


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