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Caught On Tape: Fed Admits It is Private

In News & Analysis on March 30, 2011 at 9:29 pm

Knox Harrington
March 30, 2011

Monday was a beautiful day for a protest against the Federal Reserve in Helena, Montana. Restore the Republic called for a nationwide revolt again the Fed a week ago, so Nick Danger ( and I brought the girls along with us and began exercising our freedom of speech but as soon as we tried to go in an interview someone in the building, we are pushed off  the property.

This exposes that even now the Federal Reserve admits that the we were on private property, and that the Federal Reserve banking cartel is in fact a PRIVATE entity, and NOT Federal at all. The man with the push-broom under his nose came out of the locked building, and refuses to answer questions, refuses to be identified, and tells us to get on OUR side of the fence. What kind of honest, private business keeps their doors closed during working hours and refuses to be identified? Only the families that own stock in the fraudulent banking cartel may share a piece of the “wealth” accumulated, not the American people. So the richest 2 percent of the world share in the plunder of the middle class, making them serfs in a neo-feudalist society.

We interviewed people on the streets, and surprisingly many of them knew that FED is illegal under the Constitution, but some didn’t. The solution to the FED is to establish state banks around the country that issue digital gold and silver, and Montana will be looking to jump on the gold/silver bandwagon with other states including Idaho and South Dakota. This is probably the only way we can guarantee state sovereignty under the Constitution and it is addressed in my new film, “Dreams of Liberty: Panacea”

The premier of my film “Dreams of Liberty: Panacea”  will be screening for the first time ever at the Roxy Theater, 7 pm, in Missoula, Montana, April 15th. The independent documentary addresses the Federal Reserve swindle and many other topics such as 9/11, the North American Union, and much much more. The trailer is here

“A timely, controversial, independent documentary about the advancement of tyranny in the name of security!  Featuring Ron Paul, Adam Kokesh and Jesse Ventura, Dreams of Liberty is a wake up call for the masses who take freedom for granted!  A+”
-Nick Danger,

Knox Harrington’s website is

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